Original Cocktail: Night Night Juice

I dunno know if we should call this a cocktail, but I would definitely call it a nightcap, if that term is still in fashion. It's just two ingredients and an ice cube. Night Night Juice was born from an evening of overindulgence. Last summer in Kentucky, having stuffed ourselves with delicious fried foods at the Silver Dollar just outside of downtown Louisville, my travel companion and I were in need of some relief. Drinking bourbon was mandatory in our present company, so we split the difference by adding a bit of much needed amaro to the glass, a request which our bartender was happily willing to oblige. 

These days, this combo is my after dinner drink of choice. It's nice with a little twist of orange or lemon, but it's just as perfect without one. It's also a nice companion drink for a cigar, and I've found that Drew Estate Java cigars, infused with coffee, are a delightfully sweet pairing. I'm not usually a fan of flavored cigars, but the Java has been a pleasant surprise, light bodied and a little sweet, without destroying or overwhelming my palate. 

Night Night Juice

1 oz Amaro (such as Cynar or Amaro Dell'Etna)
1 oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey 

Pour an ounce of each in a tumbler, add a large ice cube, give it a stir, prepare to digest. 

Feel free to use your favorite amaro, though I tend to lean toward choosing one with darker notes of caramel and burnt sugars. Meletti, Bordiga Chiot, Santa Maria al Monte, and Bonollo amaro are all great options. 


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