Original Cocktail: Cold Comfort Farm

This is a cold drink that will make you feel all warm on the inside! There is no added sweetener here (no syrups) -- I’m relying on the spiced rum (which usually contains added sugars) and the natural sweetness of the fresh apple juice. If you’re juicing your own, steer clear of tart and/or tannic varieties like Granny Smith and Pippin. 

Cold Comfort Farm

1.5 oz bourbon

1 oz spiced rum* (I used Lemon Hart’s Blackpool) 

.5 oz fresh lemon juice

3 oz fresh pressed apple juice or fresh cider

1 sleeve Dashfire Spiced Apple bitters or a barspoon of Allspice Dram (a little goes a long way)

Shake all ingredients for about 10 seconds, and strain into a double rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel or apple slice.

**A quick note on spiced rums! They are all wildly different and usually a bit sweet, so it's good to taste the rum first before adding it in case you need to adjust the recipe. The Lemon Hart spiced rum I used weighs in at 43% abv which is on the higher side for this category, and has a strong vanilla influence. A fast and loose rule is that the lower the ABV, the sweeter the spirit will be. 


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