Original Cocktail: The Pie Safe

Every year I intend to post some seasonal cocktails in a timely manner, and nearly every year it is suddenly January, and well, oops. So this year I’m gonna be soooo on top of this holiday cocktail posting thing, like white on rice at the North Pole.

I have a new, original cocktail for you that I’m pretty excited about (insert Miles Finch voice here) inspired by the classic sweet potato pie. This is a stirred and spirit forward cocktail great before or after dinner, and probably also pretty darn great with a slice of actual pie.

Some of these ingredients may be a bit tricky to find outside of California, but if you can source them, it’s worth it!

| The Pie Safe |

1 oz VSOP brandy
.75 oz Corbin Sweet Potato Liqueur
.75 oz Madeira Rainwater Sherry
.5 oz Lemon Hart Blackpool spiced rum**
½ sleeve* Workhorse Rye Pumpkin bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass; no garnish necessary, but a lemon twist is a nice addition.

**This particular spiced rum has a heavy vanilla profile. If you can’t find this brand, the next best would be Chairman’s Reserve Spiced, and after that Cruzan Spiced.

*A sleeve is the measurement of the length of a bottle dropper.


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