Original Cocktail: The Perennial

the Perennial cocktail

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, I submitted this recipe to ShakeStir’s Callisto rum competition and received a nice lil’ honorable mention. Then I kind of forgot to share that news. Callisto is a California inspired botanical rum, so think more along the lines of a cane based gin, but sans juniper. Cherry bark, rosemary, artichoke leaf, and celery seed are a few of the botanicals they use. Check out this Mojito meets Daiquiri tropical mashup-up using their unique rum.

The Perennial

1.75 oz Callisto Botanical rum

.75 oz pineapple syrup (such as Small Hand Foods)

.75 oz fresh lime juice

scant .5 oz Green Chartreuse

4-5 leaves (fresh) pineapple sage


In a cocktail shaker, add rum through chartreuse. Tear up 3-4 leaves of pineapple sage (leaving one for garnish), no need to muddle. Shake with ice for about 20-30 seconds, double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a pineapple sage leaf.

*Green Chartreuse is hard to come by at the moment but you can also try using the slightly sweeter Alpine liqueur Centum Herbis in its place, and adjusting the syrup to balance.

just having a lil snack

What even is pineapple sage? 

Pineapple sage is a salvia plant that’s native to Mexico; its leaves are used in traditional medicine and in the culinary world. Pineapple sage leaves give off a sweet, lightly floral scent reminiscent of pineapple, hence the moniker. This salvia thrives in the Bay Area and hummingbirds and butterflies also love their red flowers, so I highly recommend planting one if you have some garden space. Be advised, they spread with the same enthusiasm as mint and can grow quite large, so be sure to plant in a raised bed or container. You can also divide them when they get a bit unruly.


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