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Original Cocktail: Banana Cola

  I want to take a second to brag about my local corner store. It’s the absolute best , and it possibly includes a 4th or 5th dimension with all the stuff they manage to fit in there. The owners who took it over during the pandemic are Algerian and they've stocked this place with all kinds of wonderful treats. Every time I go in I leave with five items I didn’t need, and two of them will become staples in my household (damn you, fancy French Mayonnaise!).  It's getting out of control, honestly. I can pop around the corner to get braided Middle Eastern style string cheese, dried chickpeas in bulk, about 9 different kinds of couscous, fresh fruits and veggies, locally made baklava, halal sausages, and at least a dozen different imported cookies/wafers/biscuits.  They’ve begun importing a selection of Algerian sodas and I picked up a can called Selecto Soda to bring home, because I cannot resist trying new things. There’s not a lick of English on the can so I had no idea what the

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