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Original Cocktail: Stede Bonnet

The inspiration was simply an attempt at an equal parts cocktail using Allspice Dram; I came close, but an extra squeak of rum proved necessary. This spiced libation takes its name from an infamous Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet, now featured in the absolute gem of a pirate show, Our Flag Means Death.  Important Notes: -Serving on crushed ice is the key to this cocktail’s balance.  -I used Small Hand Foods Orgeat and I highly recommend you do as well – it’s made with real almond and has a slightly floral note to it. It does not smell or taste like almond extract as many orgeats do (Monin for example). Keep that in mind when mixing your drink, as different ingredients will change your outcome. You can buy Small Hand Foods Orgeat here .  -I used a Jamaican rum in this recipe but if you want to use a rum from Barbados to honor our Gentleman Pirate, I would go with the Mount Gay Black barrel.  | Stede Bonnet | 1 oz Ed Hamilton Jamaican Rum .75 oz St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram .75 oz Small

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