Support Pajaro Farm Workers and Get a Free Class!


Support Pajaro Farm Workers and

Get a Free Class!

Want to take a free class with me and score some Karma? Attend my April 30th class “What’s in a NOM?” for free with a donation of $25 or more to any Pajaro disaster relief fundraiser, farmworker’s rights org, or food bank. Just DM me on Instagram or email me (mongoosebar [at] with a copy/photo of your receipt and I’ll send you the link to join.

Our farm workers are hardworking and underpaid, an extremely valuable yet vulnerable part of our community. Many are undocumented and have limited access to resources including healthcare and affordable housing. The flooding and subsequent levy break in Pajaro CA has devastated the farming community, and federal aid was only approved in the last few days – several weeks after the outdated levy built in 1949 gave way. Many are living in their cars, have lost their houses, and are without wages.

Let’s show our support for the folks who keep food on our tables!

Links to some fundraisers if you’re not sure where to start:

This is a Go Fund Me working with local non-profit Campesina Womb Justice and directly with those in need.

Community Bridges

Second Harvest Santa Cruz County Food Bank

Center For Farm Worker Families

Supporting Pajaro Pet Owners and Monterey SPCA

Already donated to one of these organizations or a similar fund? No problem! Just send me a receipt from your previous donation.

The Class: What’s in a NOM?

Sunday, April 30th, 30-45 minutes

Ever wondered what those three letters (NOM) signify on the back of your tequila or mezcal label? Find out what they mean and how you can use them to find your new favorite bottle.


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