Virtual Spirits Classes, Guided Tastings, and Cocktail Classes

I offer virtual guided spirits tastings and classes on all categories of spirits. Each class is unique and will be customized to your level of experience, desired subjects and, of course, budget. If you live in the Bay Area, I can coordinate with Cask bottle shop on your behalf to have your selections prepared for in-store pickup at your convenience or shipping if you live in California. 

At this time I'm using Paypal for payment for private classes, or for corporate clients, I can invoice you and you may send a check. Email me at mongoosebar at gmail dot com or use the sign up form at the bottom of this page to get started!

Whiskey 101      $100

Don't know the difference between bourbon and rye? Whiskey and whisky? You're not alone!

Class will include:

Shopping list of 4-5 spirits**  

Guided Tasting with an overview of each category: Bourbon, Rye, TN, Scotch (peated and unpeated) and/or Irish whiskey or world whiskey

Cocktail Recipes to help you use up those bottles, a guide to tasting set-up, and more!

1 hour teaching time

Basic Cocktails      $125

Confused about when to shake and when to stir? Not sure why fresh citrus is such a big deal?

Class will include:

A shopping list for 2-3 classic or modern riff cocktails**

Assistance selecting bar tools, cocktail recipes, and more!

1.5 hours teaching time

**legally you must be 21 to purchase and consume alcohol and must buy alcohol yourself, however I can help coordinate the order through Cask if you live in the Bay Area or create a shopping list for whichever liquor store is near you.


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