Classic Cocktail, Modern RIff: The Bee's Knees

This falls somewhere in between a Classic and Modern Riff because I don't really change the recipe except for calling for a specific kind of gin. The gin, called Barr Hill, is produced in Vermont by Caledonia Spirits. Why is it special? Because it's made from honey! Good job bees, good job. 

-The Bee’s Knees-

2 oz Barr Hill gin
.75 oz fresh lemon
heavy .5 oz honey syrup*

Shake everything with enthusiasm, double strain into cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon wheel or lemon twist.

*In a non-reactive sauce pan, heat 2 parts honey to one part filtered water until a solution is formed. Cool, store in the fridge. Bonus points for using raw honey.


  1. I think heavy 0.5 is about 0.65-0.75, upon experimenting. It is almost certainly not actually 0.5 unless you want it really sour, and missing the honey character in my opinion.


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