Original Cocktail: Decorative Gourd Season Old Fashioned

Let's be clear, there is no shame in being a fan of the pumpkin; it is, after all, Decorative Gourd Season. The season formerly known as Fall. There will be people who don't share your views, who will scoff at pumpkin spiced delicacies, while no doubt stashing away Pumpkin Joe-Joes in the shopping cart under whatever kale item is large enough to hide it. Don't let them keep you from your happiness. Haters gonna hate.

You should know however, that the Pumpkin "spirit" used below is not sweet. It is not syrupy or pie flavored, or artificial. This is distilled pumpkin lager brewed by a neighboring brewery (Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery) of the Great Lakes Distillery, aka whiskey. Overall it's subtle and dry, with the spice arriving on the finish. It's the booze you'll want to use to spike just about everything leading up to ye olde Turkey Day.

-Decorative Gourd Season Old Fashioned-

2 oz Great Lakes Pumpkin Spirit
scant .25 oz Bittermilk Gingerbread*
2-3 dashes aromatic bitters**
1 lemon peel, 1 orange peel

In an old fashioned glass (aka double rocks or tumbler) add the citrus peel, bitters and syrup. With a muddler, gently press the peels to extract the oils. Add the pumpkin spirit and ice, then stir until chilled. 

This is a good time to use that giant ice cub tray you bought months ago and forgot about.

*If you don't have this particular syrup, a rich gomme syrup or a spiced simple syrup is perfectly acceptable.

**For the bitters, I chose 5x5 Barrel Aged Vanilla, but any aromatic variety will work. If using Angostura bitters, go light. 


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