Classic Cocktails: the Daiquiri

A classic, hand shaken daiquiri is a magical thing. It's delightfully simple and far from boring. Fresh lime, a well made rum, and simple syrup made from good quality sugar. That's it. Shake with ice and drink quickly before it gets too warm. Repeat. 

The daiquiri can change drastically depending on what sort of rum you choose, and these days we have plenty of choices. Want something funky? How about a Jamaican rum known for their high esthers. Light and grassy? Rhum agricole from Martinique. Something rich and decadent? A good ol' aged molasses based rum like Hamilton Demerara. Something new and exciting? Use a Mexican rum like the Uruapan Charanda in the photo above. 

You can keep going with those options when it comes to your sugar choices, especially if you choose to make your own simple syrup. I personally like using a cane syrup like Petite Canne Syrup made in Martinique with fermented, raw cane sugar. It's viscous and rich, and you'll typically need less of it than you would a simple syrup. 

Classic Daiquiri 

1.75 oz rum of your choice
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz Petite Canne syrup    OR   .75 oz simple syrup 1:1

Shake with enthusiasm until chilled and diluted, about 30 seconds or so. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 

**Store the Petite Canne syrup in the fridge if you'll be keeping it longer than a few weeks. It may crystallize a bit, but if not refrigerated it will develop an unfriendly mold. Just set out the bottle about 15 minutes before you plan to make your drink.


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