Modern Classic: The Gold Rush

Here's an easy cocktail you can throw together that requires just three ingredients, one of which you can make on the fly. The Gold Rush is essentially a whiskey sour made with honey syrup rather than simple, typically with no egg whites. It was created for NYC's influential Milk and Honey by T.J. Siegal and has become a common off-menu order amongst cocktail enthusiasts. Simple and delicious!

The Gold Rush 

2 oz bourbon (90 or 100 proof preferred)
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz honey syrup* (1:1), or .5 oz if using 2:1

Shake all ingredients with ice, strain onto fresh ice in a tumbler/rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel. 

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Honey Syrup

You can make it as you prep your cocktail, and you don't have to make much of it either. I often just mix mine on the spot as I'm getting my other cocktail ingredients together. You can either use a hot water kettle or microwave some hot water, then add your honey to it and stir until dissolved. For a tiny batch just measure out by the tablespoon. If you want to make a large batch, use a small sauce pan. 

If you make a 1:1 syrup, you can use the "standard" equal parts sweet and sour in the cocktail. If you're making your syrup 2:1 (honey to water) then you should use .5 oz of syrup in your recipe. As always, you can adjust for personal taste. 


  1. What's your favorite bourbon to use with it? I just used Elijah Craig and it was nice, but had a hint of astringency.

    Also, yay for more blogs! This one seems like a nice companion to the French Connection in the 3-ingredient summer cocktail department.

    1. I've been using Old Forester 100 for a lot of cocktails lately, as well as my bourbon infinity bottle that has a mishmash of mostly higher proof bourbon. Also Old Grandad 100 proof is another mixing favorite for sours... Good to be back at it, thanks for reading!!


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