DIY Project: Infinity Bottles

To infinity and beyond!  Everyone keeps talking about infinity bottles as a hobby and whiskey nerd obsession. But you know what they really are? A great way to clean up the sprawl of almost empty bottles that threatens your precious bar space. Two inches of this, a sip of that. Half of that one bottle you thought was fine, but you didn't love. 

I unintentionally started a bourbon infinity bottle years ago when I started combining my barrel sample rejects into a "house" bottle for cocktails. My bottle is filled with Weller 107, Blanton's, Eagle Rare, and 1792 barrel proof, to name a few. It also has a whisper of Old Grand-Dad and a squeak of Old Forester 100 proof. This bottle is my go-to for Manhattans and whiskey forward cocktails, and I usually try to keep it at least 1/4 to 1/3 full. 

And while bourbon is the spirit getting all the attention right now, let's not forget about our good friend rum! Or brandy! No need to overthink it, just have fun. 

A few rules for beginners:

1. Stick with one spirit category in your bottle. Have a bottle dedicated to bourbon, aged rum, or cognac. 

2. If your goal is a solera* that never dries, keep an eye on your levels and don't let it get too low. 

3. Don't add anything that might overwhelm your overall flavor profile. 

*Solera -- a system traditionally used in the production of Sherry (Spanish fortified wine) where young wines are gradually blended in with older wines. The idea has spread outside of Sherry production can also be used to describe a blending process of blending “new” with “old.”

What you'll need:

+A clean bottle or decanter

The decanter in the photo is from Pottery Barn, but Bormiolo Rocco makes some inexpensive, quality glass bottles that will do the trick. 

+Probably a funnel

+A few odds and ends of a spirit category to get you started

+A label or decanter hanging tag**

+If you really want to geek out, a notebook to keep track of what you've added. 

the start of a brand new bottle using aged rums

Today I started a new bottle for rum and cleared out five bottles to the recycling bin. Not picture are a few ounces of Cruzan single barrel and a pinch of Ron Barrilito Santa Ana (overproof.)

What works well, great for anyone: aged rum, cognac, American whiskeys

Got the hang of it? Try single malts or American whiskeys from different categories, like bourbon and rye.
What NOT to blend: gin, amari, most agave spirits

**Etsy has some awesome decanter tags! For a classic look try these silver plated ones made from recycled flatware.


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