I'll Drink to That

Philosophy journal apologizes for symposium on Black Lives Matter ...

Greetings tipplers,

I’d had some business as usual posts planned for the last couple weeks that I ended up sidelining, because really how can anyone pen a few paragraphs under the title “refreshing, low ABV white wines for the patio this summer!” during a revolution without feeling like, well, a total asshat. 

Instead I’d like to elevate and make space for the voices of more marginalized individuals, particularly Black voices, even if that means just keeping quiet for a bit so there’s more room out there for others. In the meantime, I've chosen three non-profits that I think are particularly relevant to focus on during this time of much needed change and hope you can join me in supporting them. 

The Bail Project: a non-profit organization that provides free bail assistance and pretrial support to thousands of low-income people every year. Their ultimate goal is to end cash bail. 

The ACLU: since 2016 we’ve never needed them more. There are two ways to donate, this link is to the ACLU Foundation, the 501c3 version which is matchable and tax deductible. They sue the pants off of people who try to take away our rights. 

The TGI Justice Project: founded in 2004, this is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization working to end human rights abuses against transgender, intersex, and gender-variant people, particularly trans women of color in California prisons and detention centers. 

Donate to any of these non-profit organizations through the month of June (or if you have a local bail fund or other local nonprofit organization you'd prefer to give to let me know) and forward me the receipt to receive a treat below in the $ tier of your donation. I’ll also match up to $1000 of your donations. If your company matches donations we've just tripled our $$. If you'd like to decline one of the above “rewards” but still donate and have your donation matched, just let me know. 

$30 -- a watercolor cocktail recipe painting or bottle portrait (to the best of my artistic abilities)

$75 -- invite to a virtual group whiskey, vermouth, or mezcal 101 class with your fellow donation makers (you must have or purchase your own spirits--your choice of category) 

$175 or more -- a virtual private cocktail or spirits class (you must have or purchase your own spirits)

Email receipts to mongoosebar at gmail dot com and we can coordinate from there!


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